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Why SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition is a Must Have for Businesses: Robust Security And BI Features

Various features, tools and functionality that come packed with SharePoint Server 2013 make it highly beneficial for the end users. As far as the Enterprise edition of SharePoint Server 2013 is concerned, there have been a number of improvements.

In this blog post, we will take into account all such features that render SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise a necessity for enterprises.

Authentication And Authorization in SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

Claims-based authentication becomes quite easier with the authentication enhancements done in SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise. It’s due to these enhancements that new scenarios & functionality for MS Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, and SharePoint Store apps has been enabled.

The Open Authorization 2.0 or simply OAuth 2.0 web authorization protocol has been fully utilized & suitably extended to facilitate support for following –

✓ Server-to-server authentication
✓ App authentication

SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition

Some users may not be conversant with what OAuth is all about. Basically, an industry standard protocol, OAuth provides redirection-based temporary authorization. OAuth support in SharePoint 2013 allows for following –

● Allows users to provide SharePoint Store apps access to specified user data & resources like contact lists, photographs, documents, and videos without requiring apps to access, store, or submit user credentials.
● Allows app & services limited access to the available SharePoint resources

Business Intelligence in MS SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise…

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise comes with a set of comprehensive Business Intelligence BI tools that easily integrate across MS Office applications as well as other Microsoft technologies. By deploying these tools you can enable following –

✓ Analysis
✓ Reporting
✓ Dashboards
✓ Visualizations

Let’s first take a look at a model clarifying the spectrum of what can be done to support business intelligence. It’s found that more is the IT involvement, the more centralized and complex it becomes as shown in the following image –

SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Edition

Let’s now consider the two most prominent BI tools available in SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise –

Excel BI – It imparts capabilities for analyzing and visually exploring data besides displaying & integrating interactive solutions. Following features are available with Excel BI for effectively supporting business intelligence applications –

● In-Memory BI Engine (IMBI)
● Power View Add-in for Excel:
● Decoupled PivotChart and PivotTable reports

PerformancePoint Services – With help of PerformancePoint Services, users can create interactive dashboards displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as data visualizations depicted as scorecards, reports, and filters.

Features included in PerformancePoint Services for supporting business intelligence applications are as follows –

● Dashboard Migration
● Filter Enhancements & Filter Search
● Support for Analysis Services Effective User

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