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LLA Quick Overview Of The Discontinued Features In Microsoft SharePoint 2013

MS SharePoint 2013 entails a host of business friendly features that help enhance business productivity besides streamlining processes. However, many features present in the previous version have been removed from SharePoint 2013.
In this blog, we will take into account all such prominent features that have been left out.

Features Eliminated in SharePoint 2013

Discontinued Features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013

1. Document Workspace

Description of change – The Document Workspace template is missing when user goes for creating a website
Reason for change – As the Team Site template already covers the scenario that involves collaborating over a document, the Document Workspace feature was eliminated in SharePoint 2013.

2. Blank Site

Description of change – This template is missing when attempting to create a site
Reason for change – The Team Site template already covers the functionality offered by this template/feature and so it has been eliminated.

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3. Meeting Workspace

Description of change: “Meeting Workspace” templates are no longer available in SharePoint 2013. Meeting Workspace site templates include –

• Basic Meeting Workspace
• Blank Meeting Workspace
• Decision Meeting Workspace
• Social Meeting Workspace
• Multipage Meeting Workspace

Reason for change – Suitable collaboration features already existing in SharePoint 2013 including –

  • Lync for conducting live meetings
  • OneNote for making notes during meetings
  • SharePoint team site for storing all shared meeting notes


4. Organization Profiles

Description of change – This feature has been deprecated too. Typically, Organization Profiles includes comprehensive information about a company’s –

• Teams
• Divisions
• Hierarchy

Discontinued Features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013-1

Reason for change – SharePoint would be no longer investing in Organization Profiles as the concept of users & groups forms the basis for SharePoint features that are connected to identities.

5. Inserting Barcodes

Description of change – Users will no longer be able to find the “Insert Barcode” option on the ribbon. SharePoint has totally discontinued the functionality related to need of embedding SharePoint generated barcodes in a Word document

Reason for change – Minimal user adoption and feature not meeting expectations are the two reasons quoted for eliminating this feature.

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6. PowerPoint Broadcast

Description of change – SharePoint servers will no longer support the hosting and broadcasting of PowerPoint presentation

Reason for change – Other applications like Microsoft Lync 2013 are readily available for carrying out broadcasting of PowerPoint presentations and so this feature has been eliminated.

7. Web Analytics

Description of change – SharePoint Web Analytics system has been eliminated completely and so it would be even not possible to import previous analytics into the newer version

Discontinued Features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013-3

Reason for change – A new analytics system has been brought into place that forms a part of the pre-existing Search feature in SharePoint.

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