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Design View in Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 is Gone

MS SharePoint Designer allows modifications in SharePoint sites, workflows and web pages. Workflow designing has been one of its key features as it allows users to create workflows that help automate processes with help of concepts & objects.

SharePoint Designer has been serving the purpose of global enterprises by virtue of its in-built abilities but recently there were few modifications done on it.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the detailed overview of the changes that have been made to MS SharePoint Designer and the impact these changes will have for the users in coming time.

No Design View from Now in SharePoint Designer 2013

As mentioned before, the “Design View” has been eliminated from SharePoint Designer 2013 and this would definitely affect the manner in which users work with SharePoint’s visual elements.

A look at the following image will clarify what’s exactly now available in SharePoint Designer 2013 with Design View no more available –

SharePoint Designer 2013

With Design View gone, only the “Code View” will be available for the following type of pages in SharePoint Designer 2013 –

  • Site Pages (Wiki Pages)
  • Library View pages/List View pages
  • Web Part Pages

What Microsoft Says on this Change in SharePoint Designer 2013?

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013

SharePoint Designer’s previous versions included Design View as well as code for editing HTML/ASPX pages; however, in SharePoint Designer 2013 Preview, Design View was removed. As per Microsoft official, eliminating the Design View in SharePoint Designer 2013 has been done for good.

Precisely, as SharePoint Server 2013 is embracing modern web standards like JavaScript, JSON, and OData; the requirement for supporting a visual web page editor in SharePoint Designer has come finally to an end.

Also, as SharePoint Designer’s page editor understands only the unique features of SharePoint web page, there was no need to provide the ability for visual editing of pages and so the same has been removed by Microsoft. Now, web pages can be edited with help of any web page designer in SharePoint Server 2013.

SharePoint Design Manager – A New Feature Available in SharePoint Server 2013

Integrating customized SharePoint pages will become more simplified now with the availability of SharePoint Design Manager – a new feature added in SharePoint Server 2013. SharePoint Design Manager allows web designers to do following –

  • Export web page from SharePoint
  • Perform customization on the web page
  • Import the web page back to SharePoint

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