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Deploying the Print to PDF Option in SharePoint 2013 for Word to PDF Conversion

Deploying the Print to PDF Option in SharePoint 2013 for Word to PDF Conversion…

PDF support is one of the most crucial additions in SharePoint 2013 as it allows users not only search PDF files but open them as well.

If you wish to convert a Word document to PDF format, SharePoint 2013 makes that possible too.

SharePoint 2013 Doc to PDF

Availability of Print to PDF Option ensures that you convert your Word files to PDF form as & when required. In this blog, we will explain the steps that lead to Word to PDF conversion in SharePoint 2013.

The “Print to PDF” Option in SharePoint 2013…

In SharePoint 2013, Print to PDF Option is available along with two other options “Download Copy” and “Embed Information” in the Hover panel. You need to select this option in order to –

  • Convert a Word document to PDF format
  • Printing the PDF from the document library

The other two options available under the Hover Panel allow doing following –

  • Download Copy – It allows quickly downloading a copy of the required document to your local machine
  • Embed Information – It provides an embedded code for your document which when pasted in Script Editor embeds the document in a SharePoint page.

Understanding the Word to PDF Conversion in SharePoint 2013…

Converting your Word files into PDF quickly & efficiently is made immensely simplified using the Print to PDF Option available in SharePoint 2013.

A quick view at the steps given below will clarify the process for users –

1. Navigate to the document library where all your documents are stored.

2. Click on “Call up Menu” to get the document preview (also known as Hover panel)

3. You will get three options on clicking the Hover Panel. Click the Print to PDF Option to start the conversion process

4. As soon as Print to PDF Option is clicked, Office Web Apps initiates and following window is displayed-

Office Web Apps

5. In a few minutes, the conversion process will complete and you will see a link for the PDF in the window

Office Web Apps

6. Click on the link to download your PDF to a Word View beta address. You will also get the option to “Print” the PDF.

Depending on your requirement, if you want to print the PDF, select “Print the PDF” else if you just want to save it, cancel the pop up straight away. Your SharePoint hosting services provider may also guide you in this conversion process in case you need it.

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