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How to Delete SharePoint 2013 Service Applications

In SharePoint 2013, there may be independent formation of some services while some third parties may add new services too. Out of these, the services that are actually deployed are referred as service applications.

Such services applications offer the resources that can be shared & used by means of a web hosting application. In this post, we will explain the process of deleting service applications in SharePoint 2013.

Some Points to be Noted before Beginning the Process

You cannot undo the event of deleting a service application as it’s a permanent act. So, before deleting a service application ensure that

  • Its elimination will not impact the users in any way whatsoever
  • No other web application is consuming that particular service application
  • Service application database is not deleted if you want to develop the same application in future

However, you can also consider backing up the application if you wish it to be available for use in future.

About Deleting SharePoint 2013 Service Applications

Primarily, there are two methods of deleting service applications involving use of –

  • Central Administration
  • Windows PowerShell

Let’s go through the method involved for each of these

Using Central Administration to Delete SharePoint 2013 Service Application

1. Initially, make sure that this procedure is being carried out by the user account that is a Farm Administrators SharePoint group member.

2. Go to “SharePoint Central Administration” website > Click “Application Management” > Click “Manage service applications

Application Management

3. Click the row containing the service application that needs to be deleted.

Once a ribbon appears, click Delete

4. If you need deleting the service application database, simply select the checkbox saying “Delete data associated with the Service Applications

5. Click OK

NOTE: Clicking OK will delete the application completely. To stop the operation, click Cancel

Using Windows PowerShell to Delete SharePoint 2013 Service Application

Before proceeding forward, ensure that you are a member of following –

  • “securityadmin” fixed server role on SQL Server instance
  • “db_owner” fixed database role on databases that need to be updated
  • Server’s Administrators group on which the Windows PowerShell cmdlet is running

Next, proceed as follows –

1. Start SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

2. Type following command for retrieving the application that you wish to delete

$spapp = Get-SPServiceApplication -Name “<Service application display name>”

Here, <Service application display name> refers to the name of the display name of the service application to be deleted

3. Type and run following commands for final deletion as required

For deleting the service application without deleting its corresponding database

Remove-SPServiceApplication $spapp

For deleting the service application as well as its corresponding database

Remove-SPServiceApplication $spapp -RemoveData

NOTE – You will be prompted to confirm the deletion finally; irrespective of the command you choose

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