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Dedicated SharePoint hosting Vs SharePoint Online

SharePoint is a web application platform that combines functions of multiple applications like intranet, extranet, content management and much more similar. Although the application is designed for large-scale organizations, but Office 365 has increased its demand in small organizations too.

SharePoint Hosting Services

SharePoint offers two choices including Microsoft office 365 or as a dedicated cloud hosting solution. As compared to traditional on-premises server farms, both of them are cost effective. In spite of this, some major differences in between two are there that one needs to know.

In this article, we will discuss what is the actual difference between dedicated SharePoint hosting and SharePoint online to help you make the perfect choice as per your necessity.

Custom Web Parts

You must be aware of the fact that SharePoint has some set of features needed by most businesses and corporate IT sector. You can extend the features through packages called as web parts. Most of them are designed for rapid installation, among which most are compatible with Office 365. Still, some companies need to add such functions, which are otherwise not available in standard SharePoint. So, there is a dedicated SharePoint hosting that allows customization. You can ask the experts to change as per your needs, which are otherwise not possible with online solution.

Power Pivot Support
This is another important thing a business needs to achieve target, but it is not compatible with Office 365; therefore, here comes dedicated SharePoint hosting that overcomes the issues in Office 365. For most of the businesses, the infrastructure for SharePoint requires a configuration of two or three dedicated servers. You can approach the companies to provide SharePoint servers that support installation.

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