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Customize Your Website Using SharePoint Themes

SharePoint 2013 being a collaborative platform has a lot of advantages other than managing business data and building a business network. It offers you a reason to increase to multiply your online presence. A way to move high on the online searches is having a captivating and informative website. SharePoint encourages you to develop such a website for your business. SharePoint feature of customizing a website has blessed website develop with an ability to create highly innovative designs as well as a user-friendly interface. The websites are now developed in accordance with the user needs and are equipped with the fashion features.

SharePoint 2013 theming experience has overshadowed the exceptionalities other themes are capable of adding to a website. These themes have now been accepted as the prominent way of branding for a SharePoint website, given the distinguishable attributes it brings for a site. These themes are exceptional and cutting edge designs for bringing traffic to a website.

SharePoint 2013 online themes are completely out-the-box-themes. Application of these themes has been recognized tremendously, as these themes can entirely change the look of a website in SharePoint.

How to use SharePoint themes?

SharePoint 2013 preinstalled top tier themes are the examples of exclusivity and uniqueness. However, there is also an option of customizing also.

Preinstalled themes

SharePoint 2013 gives you an option to customize preinstalled themes. This can be done by modifying their colors, fonts, layouts and background images. These modifications save on efforts on creating a customized theme. Building a custom theme requires you to add font schemes or color palettes. An altered preinstalled themes is called current and is saved immediately after name changes are applied. But, there can be only one current theme for a site. SharePoint 2013 does not permit the user to save themes from the user interface.

Custom themes

Creating a custom theme can be an effort consuming task. You can start by creating additional color palettes and font schemes and uploading them to the theme gallery. These color palettes and font scheme can be easily used once you have applied the theme programmatically. To have a set of additional set layouts to choose from, additional master pages, and corresponding preview files can be uploaded to the master page gallery. Furthermore, new designs can be developed by creating new list items in composed look list. Create a list item and specify the master page, color palette, font scheme, and background image for the new design.

The motive behind including theming experience in SharePoint 2013 has been to simplify the process of creating customized site and these there is no doubt to the fact the has lived up to its promise.

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