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Customize the Master Page of SharePoint Site in SharePoint 2013

Now you don’t have to get stuck with the same design and theme anymore. In SharePoint 2013, you can easily change the master page and the best part is, it’s as easy as closing your eyes. SharePoint 2013 comes with many add on and features compared to the previous versions. SharePoint 2013 is very user friendly and users will have maximum control over it, right from features to looks. There are tons of ways to change the Master Page of your Site; you can use the Design Manager, Themes or the old usual Master Page link. Here are some useful tips on how you can customize the Master page of SharePoint site in SharePoint 2013.

Master Page link

Turn the Publishing feature and you can easily move to Site Setting and locate “Look and Feel” select “Master Page” link. You can change the master page of your Site right here.

New Design Manager

  • You can customize the Master page by using the new Design Manager for setting a Master Page. Here is how you can do it.
  • Sign in to your SharePoint site and navigate to Site Settings
  • Click on “Design Manager” under Look and Feel.
  • SharePoint 2013 introduced this new tool ‘Design Manager’, through which users can add their own design package and set it as their master page.
  • Click on Publish and Apply Design in the Design Manager.
  • Select Assign master pages to your site based on device channel”.
  • Users will get popup to switch the master page

Themes window

Apart from the two options, users can also change or customize the master page right from the Themes Window.  To do that, follow steps mentioned below –

  • Look for the “Change the look” in the site setting and click.
  • Click on the theme you are using on the Themes page.
  • Select the Master Page for the theme you want to use from the left pane.
  • Click Try it Out” and then “Yes, keep it”

In the System Master Page, SharePoint 2013 will ask users to select a channel. A channel is for device specific page rendering or setting. Users can create a channel for an iPad or surface from Site Settings. > Device channels allow users to give the channel an Alias and Device Inclusion Rules. These rules and changes are sequences that SharePoint 2013 will look for in the browser’s User Agent.

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