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CSWP – CQWP-Crucial SharePoint Web Parts

Content Search Web Part (CSWP) and Content Query Web Part (CQWP) are two Web Parts featured in SharePoint 2013. These are used for the purpose of displaying dynamic content on SharePoint web pages. However, the two Web Parts have several differences. Knowing more about the two Web Parts will help you in understanding how to search content query web part in SharePoint.

Content Search Web Part

Content Search Web Part (CSWP) displays the results of a search on the basis of an associated search query. It can return any content from the search index. CSWP sends queries against the Index to display search results. The result shown by the CSWP includes the latest content. It is the most recent content alike the latest crawl of your content. Just the most-in-demand content are crawled by search result. The minor versions are not included in the list of search results. However, the CSWP cannot obtain the content in case the SharePoint site or site collection has been tagged not be indexed.

CSWP is a more cost-effective solution. Its features like managed navigation and category page, the cost of maintenance sink down by a great amount. Even when the size of the content springs up, the cost will remain the same for CSWP. To understand better, here is an illustrative case. On addition of a fresh navigation category to the content, the same category page can be utilized for the content meant for the new navigation category. So, CQWP makes it a hassle-free and a time-saving task. It made possible the collaboration of multiple CQWPs under one CSWP.

Content Query Web Part

Content Query Web Part (CQWP) is a Web Part that shows content based on a query or otherwise form the entire site collection. It has been designed to return any content from within the site collection following the filter applied. It is the instant content or the latest version of content that is displayed by CQWP. CQWP returns results from a SharePoint site even when it is marked to not index. Basically, CQWP is used in case there is a small amount of content and the query is not really complex.

Users often get confused between CSWP and CQWP and have a dilemma while choosing one of the two. However, in such a scenario, it is better to opt for CSWP as it works efficiently in almost all the cases. It has better flexibility that CQWP and gives more dependable search results. Also, it is more credible for a business that aims to flesh out the amount of content in near future.

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