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How to Create SharePoint Alert on List And Document Library

Alerts serve the purpose of e-mail notification in the MS SharePoint framework. Whenever there is a change in the list or library, SharePoint sends notifications called as SharePoint alerts.

In this blog post, we will understand the process of creating SharePoint alert on list & document library.

The Scope of Setting SharePoint Alerts

As far as the scope of setting SharePoint alerts is concerned, you can set alerts on following –

✓ Whole List or Library
✓ Individual Item including complete folder, document or even a single task or event
✓ SharePoint Search

SharePoint alert creation for lists is quite an interesting topic for most SharePoint users. You can create alerts on any type of list in MS SharePoint including following –

● Issues Log
● Task List
● Announcements
● Contact List
● Any custom list
● Calendar

SharePoint will send you notifications whenever there is any change in these lists.

Creating SharePoint Alerts on List & Document Library…

You can follow the procedure given below to successfully add an alert on SharePoint document library or list –

SharePoint Alerts on List , Document Library

1. Start by looking up for the list/library that requires an alert or you wish to create an alert for.
2. Next, you need to click on the library tab available in the top ribbon. While choosing the name of the library is dependent on the list you are using, you want to click on the tab located on the right hand side.

3. Click “Alert Me” displaying in the ribbon next to RSS feed. Next, select “Set Alert on this Library”
4. A screen will be displayed in which you can set all of the alert’s characteristics.

Following sections need to be filled with correct information –

● Alert title: In the alert title, you need to provide a meaningful name to your newly created alert. You will be able to see this particular name in the e-mail’s subject and body as sent by SharePoint.

● Send alerts to: You might want to send an email to other users around you. It can be made possible with help of this option.

● Delivery method: In this section, you need to select e-mail as the delivery default method.

● Change type: In this section, you can choose a specific behavior that will stimulate an alert.

● Send alerts for these changes: it’s here where you can filter all your alerts:

● When to send alerts: You can easily set the frequency and time of your alert in this section.

SharePoint Alerts on List, Document Library

5. Finally, click OK to set the alert.

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