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Creating a Lists and Libraries in SharePoint 2013 the Old way

Compared to the conventional usage of “Apps”, “Apps” in SharePoint 2013 is different.  Functions like Lists, Libraries, Sandbox or Custom Applications, Event Receivers and or Field types are termed as Apps in SharePoint 2013. In SharePoint 2013, “Add a List App” is the right term instead of “Add a new List”.

List template in SharePoint 2013 is an excellent way to set up an identical list across a SharePoint implementation. Users in SharePoint 2013, one can simply add a new list though new “Add an app” option or users can switch to the old Create View to create a list if you are more comfortable with SharePoint 2010. Below are some easy and quick guides to help you create a list in SharePoint 2013 the old way.

How to create list in SharePoint 2013 the old way

  • Open the URL https://siteUrl/_layouts/15/create.aspx in your browser to go to the old Create View
  • Chose Custom List to Create a new List
  • Add Name and Description to differentiate from other lists and Click Create.

Give Name and Description. Click Create.

  • Steps to create list with Add an app
  • Go to the Site and click “Settings”. Click on “Add an app” or navigate to “View All site Content” and then click “Add an App”.
  • Choose “Custom List” from the “Your Apps” page.
  • Add a name of the list in the pop up. Click Create.

While creating a view, users should add columns to the list or library to have more flexibility for sorting, grouping, and filtering the items in the list or library.

Once you create a list, you can use views to access the items in a list or library. In the browser, users can change or modify views and create new views. Users can also change these views by modifying how the items in the list are sorted. SharePoint also has the option to create a new view which can display only those tasks which are incomplete.

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