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How To Meet Business Needs With Help Of SharePoint 2016

It would not be wrong to say that Microsoft has marketed the SharePoint platform quite well in different ways over the years. In simple terms, SharePoint allows organizations to do following –

  • Organize
  • Discover
  • Build
  • Manage

Let’s take a look at the more detailed overview of what SharePoint 2016 has on offer in the form of following image –

SharePoint 2016

It can be seen that the detailed version is a bit too more complex and extremely technical. Breaking down SharePoint’s capabilities into easier terms leads to formation of following categories –

  • Sites
  • Content
  • Search
  • Applications


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In this blog, we will discuss how SharePoint 2016 can help to meet business needs.

Deploying SharePoint 2016 to Meet Business Needs


Ever since SharePoint hit the market, organizations had a number of concerns. We have summarized a few of the most critical concerns here –

  • Despite placing documents on file shares, our employees are unable to find anything suiting their requirement.
  • Automating business processes is our priority but there is no clue how to proceed with that
  • By what method can we get rid of the weirdest applications we are deploying? Can these applications be ported to SharePoint?
  • We essentially require an extranet for collaborating with our external partners better


Every organization has its unique business requirements and agreeing upon the ways to meet those requirements via SharePoint may consume several hours. What’s to be noted is that there must be an actionable and measurable goal that fully translates into a deliverable in SharePoint.

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We can thus translate the statement “SharePoint helps improve social interactions between different employees of a company” into some deliverable like “My Sites” and “Communities“. It can thus also help in fetching more solid details about the voids existing in social interactions.

Let’s take a look at a streamlined workflow adaptable to varied business needs driving the need for deploying SharePoint.

streamlined workflow adaptable

From this workflow, you can examine that it guides through the process that is a must for going from the “Requirement” phase to the phase where an actual “Approval” or “Rejection” will be made. In the step 2, the organization is forced to quantify the particulars of data that includes file shares, Google docs etc.

Most organizations wish to fully centralize some part of this data. Hence, it can be understood that the step 2 can be quite complex and somewhat same is the case with step 3.

Accordingly, steps 4 and 5 may be more theoretical due to the details in step 3.

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