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Building a SharePoint Farm – Analyzing the Crucial Aspects Involved

It must be noted that your valiant attempt of building a SharePoint farm will be successful only if you have all hardware and software requirements well in place. In this blog, we will take a closer look into all such requirements.

Basic and High-availability SharePoint farm

It’s also pretty much feasible to create pre-configured MS SharePoint Server 2013 farms with the help of Microsoft Azure portal marketplace. This will effectively meet your requirement of –

  • High-availability SharePoint farm for providing development and testing environment
  • Evaluating SharePoint Server 2013 in form of a collaboration solution

A basic SharePoint farm will have the following configuration with three virtual machines in place –

Building a SharePoint Farm

Such farm configuration will effectively provide a simplified setup for MS SharePoint app development

Moreover, a high-availability SharePoint farm will have following configuration with nine virtual machines –

Building a SharePoint Farm

Such farm configuration will help in testing higher client loads.

SharePoint Farm Set Up Requirements in Detail

Fulfillment of the essential requirements for successful SharePoint server installation initiates with getting following in place –

  • 64-bit processors
  • 64-bit operating system

The minimal operating system requirement is –

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 or above
  • Windows Server 2012

The minimum database server requirement though is SQL Server 2008 R2.

What are the Memory Requirements?

Installation of SharePoint to a large extent depends on the hardware memory.  As recommended by Microsoft, the minimum memory required for a SharePoint server is 8GB of RAM.

As SharePoint is further dependent on the processor of the server, it also requires 4 CPUs at a minimum.

What are the Disk Space Requirements?

As recommended by Microsoft, the minimum disk space required for the system drive is 80 GB. Depending on the overall space all files will consume, it’s also pretty feasible to expand the disk space.

Microsoft SharePoint Products Preparation Tool – A Helpful Tool for SharePoint

Microsoft has made available the Microsoft SharePoint Products Preparation Tool that includes the media essential for the successful installation of SharePoint 2013.

Here is how you can run this Product preparation tool –

1. Create an MS SharePoint farm service account on the server in local administrator group.

This account would require local administrator access for controlling –

  • Few selected services for SharePoint farm
  • SharePoint  User Profile Synchronization service application


2. Check for server updates, if any, on Microsoft Update. If updates are available, you need to install updates to fully ensure that the server is updated.

3. Run the Tool

It’s recommended that the above steps are performed under the supervision of a certified SharePoint administrator only. For more tips and advice, subscribe to our blog posts.

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