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Benefits of SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Server 2013 comprises a wide variety of expansions and new features. These include considerably upgraded search capabilities plus new benefits for intranet-related searches, better web content usability and digital skill management, cross-site publishing, more robust workflow and upgraded site presentations. Additionally, the new search and SkyDrive functionality brings huge productivity to any business.

SharePoint can be combined into almost any other business system. It can also systematize business procedures, such as document approval by connecting common workflows with files. With the Introduction of “Digital Asset Content Types”, now you can know how to add documents, video, Text Field in SharePoint. There has also been a chief advancement to the crawling and indexing modules in SharePoint Search. Content can now be indexed as repeatedly as every few minutes.

Let’s have a look on how to add a video in a blog post. First and foremost, you need to get the video code either from YouTube or you can use the embedded code of a video that you have uploaded in SharePoint. In case you are adding the code from YouTube, you need to add the domain “Youtibe.com” in “HTML Field Security”. Secondly, you need to paste the video code into the Post body. Open the blog post where you want to add the Video and in the Insert tab choose “Embed”. Paste the Code in the Embed window and then click Ok. Alternatively, you can use other preferences like From Computer, From SharePoint and From Address to upload your desired Videos.

Furthermore, in SharePoint Server 2013, its distinctive feature is used totally for multilingual sites. It helps to make the content accessible to definite spectators on different sites. This is done by copying content from the main home site to one or more target variation sites and stalking the associations between source and the target content. Customers who visit the site are redirected to the suitable variation site based on the language setting of their web browser.

Moreover, the new and better-quality Rich Text Editor offers a “Word-like” editing experience. SharePoint Server 2013 supports image renditions as well. Image renditions help you to display different sized versions of an image on different pages. When you craft an image interpretation, you need to identify the width and height for all images that use that image rendition. You can post it to the public newsfeed at any time and post to the newsfeed on team sites you are following. Just keep in mind that you make posts or start “conversations” in the new microblog feature.

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