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Be successful with “Display templates” in Sharepoint 2013

Display templates in SharePoint Server 2013 are templates used in Web Parts. It mainly uses Search Web Parts to display the effects of a request made to the search index. Display templates control which accomplishes properties are shown in the search results. Each display template comprises two files: an HTML version of the display template which you can edit in your HTML editor and a .js file that SharePoint practices.

By using a current display template as a starting point for a new display template, you can gain many advantages. You will receive helpful facts about the customization procedure in the comments of the default display templates and you will also have an agenda for basic tasks. Additionally, it assures that your templates use the correct basic page structure.

There are various benefits of using new display templates in SharePoint 2013. Some of them are listed below.

  • New display templates are recyclable Styles Files for your Content and Search Results WebParts.
  • You can increase Inline JavaScript in your display Template. You can also add Managed properties in the Display Templates.
  • You can raise jQuery Plugins or JavaScript utilities on the data using OnPostRender function in the Template which will prove really advantageous for you.
  • SharePoint 2013 provides you various Out-of-Box Display templates located in Master Page gallery.

Though, the HTML file does not signify a full HTML webpage, it can be utilized for a display template which is a fully-formed HTML document. SharePoint transforms the pieces of the display template HTML file into JavaScript. This section defines the four main sections of a display template. You can usually copy the current template and retitle it to a new one. Since HTML is where you make the actual HTML for your display template, you can basically open this in any editor.

Once the display template is made, it can be either allocated to the current element like Items or can be defined in Result Types for use in some particular kind of Search results. To fix any errors, edit the HTML file that exist in the server by using an HTML editor to open and edit the HTML file on the mapped drive. It is better to protect the display template and then reload the page that contains the Content Search Web Part that utilizes the display template. The actual display pattern will be in .html files whereas the .js files are produced automatically when you upload an .html file.

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