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Analyzing The Scope and Future Development Of SharePoint 2016

The Future of SharePoint is Bright,” says Seth Patton, General Manager for SharePoint and OneDrive.

May 4, 2016, incepted the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 and this date meant prominent for SharePoint hosting services providers too.

Around the globe, it was considered as a pivot in the trajectory of SharePoint and Office 365 as we presently know it. The focal point was Office 365 and the SharePoint Cloud hosting offering.

The layout design of the future of SharePoint was structured under four pillars mentioned below:

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1) The File Sharing: A general user interface for document libraries under OneDrive for Business and SharePoint is inducted, along with future integration linking document management utilizing OneDrive or SharePoint almost synonymously.

And, the OneDrive mobile app experience will be enhanced, also, the synchronization from cloud to the local machine. Much greater integration with Office products, with Office 365 workloads, and analytics will be available.

2) Reinventing the Intranet: Perhaps the obvious question we all had on the future of SharePoint is what is going to happen to the NextGen portals? Unanimously, it was one answer, “Intranet in your pocket.”

The prominence was more on the new SharePoint intranet experience to make it even more consumable and utilized almost like an ‘intranet-in-a-box’ product.

It is going to be mobile ready, offer a new SharePoint home page for discovering sites and content, and it is going to be available with a simple site provisioning process to enhance the ease of site creation.

3) Open and easy collaboration: The Office 365 Groups are taking over the team sites space and finally the integration of Office 365 Groups from Outlook will be observed, getting their very own SharePoint site.

The Groups (also known as team sites) is going to get a UI overhaul, however, none of the sophisticated functional features of document libraries.

We will get to know more about Power Apps and Microsoft Flow as two new products to enable power users to create custom apps and simple workflows.

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4) Privacy, Security, Protection, and Compliance: Microsoft continues to build the best of class for overall protection, privacy, security, and compliance as a cloud-hosted application, however, also applicable for dedicated SharePoint server on-premises integration.

Microsoft is making huge investments in the cloud, offering an end to end focus on manageability. Security enhancements in Data Loss Prevention and encryption using Customer Lock Box are the features taken care off.

The emphasis was more on integrated platform identity, and better looking SharePoint. The new SharePoint will empower the power users and non-developers to produce better looking, mobile productivity offerings and solutions.

With a strong commitment of Dedicated SharePoint Server releases in the future, the customer base can look forward on power feature packs in 2017, building upon the 2016 release.

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