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All About Result Source in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint by Microsoft is an integrated suite to streamline business process, increase the communication between the employees, manage work flow, facilitates information sharing, content management and many more. This web application have proved to be very fruitful for the organizations using it. In fact, as it helps in running the companies with ease as well as efficiently, and this has led to the increase in productivity among the employees.

SharePoint was first launched in 2001 and after its success Microsoft have come up with many versions, every time updating it with new and effective features.  The launch of SharePoint 2013 have brought a change in the way people used to work. This version was packed with many new features and have changed few old ones that facilitated the companies to a large extent.

In SharePoint 2013, the feature ‘Scopes’ have been replaced by ‘Result Sources’. Result Source is basically used to specify a location from where the search results needs to be derived and also from where they have to be retrieved.

Result Source have proved to be very beneficial for organizations that are using SharePoint 2013. It makes the search for remote sources much easier. If you configure result sources in SharePoint, it helps you in creating complex search queries to controls the result of a content. Another great thing about Result Sources is that it has a query builder that assists in defining any type of managed property inclusion or exclusion. The query builder also lets you add custom sorting for the results. Even you can test the result for your Query through the query builder.

You can configure Result Sources in SharePoint for a search service application, for a site or a site collection. However, for this purpose the permission of search service application administrator, site owner and site collection administrator is required.

Creating result source for search service application is pretty simple. You need to first verify the user account that performs that tasks of an administrator. In the Central Administration, in the Application Management section you have to click on Manage Service Application. Then click on search service application for which you want to configure a result source. As you go to the Search Administration and Quick Launch, you will be directed to the in the Queries and Results section, where you have to click Result Sources. You can also manage result source by clicking on new result source.

Configuring result source for collection of sites and a site is also quite easy like search application. Today most users are creating it in SharePoint as it has facilitated their search process.

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