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How To Adding JavaScript To Listview Or Dataview Web Part With The Use Of “JsLink” In SharePoint 2013

One of the latest additions in the web parts category in SharePoint 2013 is JsLink. Using this feature, Client-Side Rendering (CSR) solutions can be created by developers as well as users within SharePoint 2013.  Basically, it is an improved replacement of Data View Web Part (DVWP) functionality which was a feature in the older versions of SharePoint, such as SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010.

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The latest edition of SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 by Microsoft contains several features that has made the user experience better. Now, with the application of JsLink, the users can add a JavaScript to a Listview or a DataView Web Part. There will not be any requirement of modifying the Web Part in SharePoint designer.

It is an advantage to use JsLink for implementing CSR functionality as this feature allows you to reverse the changes made in the SharePoint 2013 page.

Any change or modification that the user does not like can be reverted as per user’s choice. The changes will be nullified and the default format will be restored.

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To add JavaScript to Listview or Dataview Web Part with the use of “JsLink”, users must follow the steps given below:

  1. The page that includes the Listview Web Part is to be edited first.
  2. Go to the properties section of the document Web Part. Click on the option, “Edit Web Part”.
  3. Then, select the option, “Miscellaneous”.
  4. In the drop down, you will find the option, “JsLink”.

With JsLink, users have control over the Rendering of a Field or Control in a List. Moreover, they control but also rendering of a List Item, Content type, Form, View and a List view web part Instance.

Points to Remember while using “JsLink” to add JavaScript to Listview or Dataview Web Part

  • The application of JsLink is not limited to web parts. It can also be used to during the process involved in creating custom apps.
  • The step that results in placing the CSR properly must be followed by checking HTML which is

Created by the SharePoint page. It is suggested to prevent the use of conflicting tags to have the program run smoothly without errors.

  • Users may face problem in running JsLink if the editing of the form take place in SPD.

Certainly, with the process details and important points about JsLink in the above content, users will find it easy to add JavaScript to Listview or Dataview Web Part in SharePoint 2013 with the use of “JsLink”.

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