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A Guide To Using Document Templates In SharePoint Online

You must be having Office templates in your SharePoint Online document libraries that you may wish to make use of when required the most. Here, in this blog post, we will understand the process of using document templates in SharePoint Online.

Just Before you Start…

  • Locate a word template
  • Add relevant info (like company name & address) to the header and footer
  • Save the template file locally so that it can be accessed easily


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The Complete Process Explained…

You need to follow steps given below –

    1. In the SharePoint Online site, upload the template file.
    2. Go to the document library where you want to use the custom template
    3. Click “Library” tab to view the document library settings. Click “Open with Explorer” once the settings are displayed
    4. Click “Allow” once the Internet Explorer Security warning pop up is displayed
      SharePoint Document
    5. A library will open and you will get to see folder “forms”. Double click this folder to view a list of files
      locate your saved template file in a separate explorer windowSharePoint-Doc 2
    6. With both explorer windows open side by side, drag & drop the previously located template file from the local folder to SharePoint “forms” folder.You will see the file being uploaded to the forms folder as shown belowSharePoint-Doc 3

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  1. Once file upload is done, go to the document library and click Library tab > Library > Library Settings > Advanced settingsSharePoint-Doc 4
  2. Locate Document Template section and edit the template URL so that your template files name is displayed. Click OK
  3. Go back to Library and click Files tab.
  4. Click the New Document buttonIf you want to open this file, select “Yes” in the dialog box. You can avoid this though by making suitable changes to the Trust Center settings as available in your Office applications.

Do consider following points in this regard –

  • Allow only those locations on my network that are fully trusted
  • Add new location
  • Type the https path to your SharePoint Online tenant
  1. Enter your Office 365 account login credentials if you are prompted for the same
  2. Once the new document opens, select “Save As“. Type in a filename to save the file.


Now based on your custom template, you can create your standard letters using the New Documents button as & when required.

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