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A Complete Tutorial of SharePoint 2013 Task List

SharePoint 2013 has considerably added many features and improves to accommodate the customizations done by SharePoint developers. SharePoint 2013 task list now comes with many add on features such as Task Timeline, Days left for due date, Task quick edit mode, Creating subtask option and more.  This article will discuss and teach you how SharePoint 2013 task list has improved than ever before.

Here is a complete SharePoint 2013 task list tutorial

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How to Create Task list

  • Navigate to site content and click on “add an app” to create a new Task list.
  • Click on Tasks” template to add a name for your task list. You can also add description by clicking on “Advanced Options” on Add Task screen

Creating new Task

  • Users can create a task either from New Task or from Edit Task:
  • Click on “Add New Task”
  • Users who want to create multiple tasks as fast as they can create from Edit View. This is very similar to a datasheet view, where users can also add columns to this view dynamically.
  • Go to Task Properties and click on“…” to access Task properties
  • You must have noticed the dialog at the right which shows “Days left” and other interactive options such as “Create Subtask”, “Remove from Timeline”, this is where you can edit task, start workflow, alerts and more.


Timeline is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013 to add a new functionality taken from MS project server which can display timeline of the Tasks. With this new feature, users will have the option to remove tasks display or subtasks from the timeline.

Adding a Task in Timeline is easy. When you create a task, just click on “…” to open task preview window. Select “Add to Timeline” to add the task to the above timeline, users can also remove by just selecting “Remove from timeline”. Did you know that timeline also comes with Color Features? Users can color the tasks on the timeline.  One of the other great features of timeline is that now you can Color the tasks and Intent the Tasks in the timeline. Select the task and click on Timeline, when the tab TIMELINE appears, you can simply format the task with color, font and highlight of your choice.

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  • Click on the ellipsis next to any task, you will be presented with an option to create Subtask. When clicked on it:
  • Users will be switched to datasheet view, which is also known as Quick Edit view.
  • Insert a new empty row where you want to create a subtask.
  • Once you switch to the normal view by clicking the List tab and the View button, you will notice that the new subtask is indented.

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