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5 Ways to Improve the speed of a SharePoint site

Whenever you visit a shopping website or it takes time to load, then it is quite sure that you will never visit that website again anymore. This is same for collaboration platforms such as SharePoint.

In case it takes around 10 seconds in loading the page, so that you can restore a document, I am sure you are going to hate the SharePoint soon. SharePoint site with a low speed and poor performance will negatively affect the user’s’ adoption.

It is quite often, clients find that SharePoint sites are loading slowly. The speed of site depends on various factors, and one of them is the speed of your internet connection. There are several things you can do with your your SharePoint site to improve the speed and performance.

Here are the ways to improve your SharePoint site speed

1. You Can Try Different Browser

It has been observed that Google Chrome is much faster and better than the Internet Explorer of Microsoft inc. There are some limitations you might face with Chrome like, unable to open the library in Windows Explorer or unable to export list in Excel etc.

But apart from that, 99% times Chrome seems to be the better option in case of SharePoint. You can try it, and multiple browsers and can see which one is the best for you.

2. Try To Avoid Unnecessary Content Search Queries

If you are wrapping the information or content on a site, so be ready for the slow loading. This is because, when you load your site, then you’ll have a search query that is called behind the scenes. In fact, if you want to roll up the content from various sites, then you have the functionality to use it as you want to.

3. Optimize The Images

Like the public-facing, regular websites, mostly the images are the culprit for the poor performance of the site. You can follow the same technique, as for a regular website.

Try to avoid high-resolution files, optimized images prior inserting them on the site or the page. The smaller the size, faster the loading time.

Additionally, it is not just about the quality of the images but it depends on the quantity as well. Less amount of images will definitely help you get a better performance.

4. Try To Avoid Custom Branding

It has been seen in many cases that when the client decides to turn their SharePoint site into a special effects exhibition, no doubt the sites look great, but if it takes more than few seconds to load then your users will start hating it.

Nobody wants to see the rotating sliders constantly or the pop-ups or other distractions and that also lead to slower the performance of the site.

5. For Search Queries, Try To Use Correct Search Web Part

If you need to do a search query with rolling up the content, so make sure you are using CSWP (Content Search Web Part) rather than the older, CQWP (Content Query Web Part) that is more sluggish. The CSWP depends on indexing like Google, that has much better performance.

So, these were the points that help you in enhancing the speed and performance of your SharePoint site. Apart from that, if you want some better results, you can opt for SharePoint Cloud Hosting. By that, you will get a number of other benefits as well.

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