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Exchange Email Hosting : Top Benefits

Can you imagine executing a business without email today? As a primary platform of the business communication, email and email hosting is significantly important for any enterprise.

There exists several options for email hosting, today, however Exchange Email Hosting rises above the rest in terms of effective user-friendly features, usability and availability.

Microsoft Exchange Server is not a simple mail server; it provides many advantages over simple hosting options. It is part of a reliable and secure strategy for hosting your organizational email data. Enlisted below are few primary benefits of Exchange email hosting solution:

1)Fully Managed with Techarex Networks

Hosting an Exchange Server with Techarex Networks means that you can have peace of mind while we handle and manage your server for your enterprise. The add-on features of an Exchange Server is the capability to offer your business effective and efficient communication and operational environment.

We are responsible to install and configure all the essential components of your server and provide 24×7 tracking, monitoring and support to guarantee that you are always connected to your mission-critical sensitive data.

2) More Than an Email

Hosting your email on a Microsoft Exchange Server provides you more than just email. It provides complete-managed calendaring, contacts and task organization, one stop solution for all in one easy-to-access place.

In Combination with Exchange’s AJAX Web Mail Interface, permits you to access your email from any web browser, you achieves a sense of power via your work day feeling more organized and productive.

3)Redundancy and Scalability

Techarex Network’s Exchange product supports hardware load balancing, such that you can add more servers as per your requirements, ensuring enough space for your data via all stages of your business’ growth.

Not necessary to mention, you can rest assured your vital emails are safe and secure with complete backup and redundancy.

4)Wireless Synchronization

Our Exchange Server permits you to synchronize your information and data with all major mobile devices. Access your email, contacts, and calendars with your phone or tablet to never miss a significant important message or meeting while you  are on the go.

5)Data Storage

The feature of data storage allows you to share your files quickly and easily without requiring additional software.

Our Exchange environments also provide complete control over data/information accessibility and storage system, which is often a required by businesses and that needs special certifications, such as PCI-DSS Compliance.

6)Active Directory

Each and every product comes with a dedicated, complete managed Active Directory (with redundancy), that permits you full access to domain services. Such support for Windows Authentication and powerful administration functional properties can be easily is accessed through the Microsoft Management Console.

At Techarex Networks, our Exchange Email Servers services are available in a dedicated or private setup, that permits for complete customization and control over your Exchange environment.

The robust integration with Microsoft Outlook permits for the use of advanced features that implies your Exchange Email servers will do more than just transmitting and receive email.

In combination with our 24/7/365 dedicated Support, you can be sure your critical communications will be secure and always available.


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