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Dedicated Exchange Hosting Services Providing Messaging Platform to Grow Efficiency

No business can afford to stay behind in an environment, especially when a midsize organization sometimes competes with larger organizations with greater resources, where customers expect high collaborative and on-demand engagements.

Therefore, it is crucial to invest in the cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Exchange Server that best efficiency to your organization.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 and Dedicated Exchange hosting services provide the growing business the flexibility it requires in order to remain competitive.

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 not only provides new functionalities, but the administration also enhanced in comparison to the previous versions.

Dedicated Exchange hosting services offers a solid messaging platform for email and collaboration depending on industry leading Microsoft Exchange Server.

Such service provides the complete control, security, and performance of a dedicated server configured particularly for your business requirements.

Techarex Network’s dedicated Exchange hosting services provide 24X7X365 hands-on support from expert Exchange technicians.

Techarex Network’s dedicated Exchange hosting is also inclusive of virus protection, advanced spam filtering, and our standard multi-location, automated backup services. Mail migration to business environment is also included.

Simply choose the size of the message store (per-user mailbox size), and select from a range of powerful options like:

Advanced Archiving

Microsoft Exchange advanced archiving service permits archiving inactive email in a secure environment where it may be retrieved for later use. Archiving permits organizations to free up primary message storage maximize efficiency and performance without evading accessibility to email information and necessary attachments.

The system implements various storage formats such as SATA, SAS, and SSD to tier data storage for effective efficiency and performance.

We can custom-design a retention policy which meets your operational needs as well as compliance archiving with standard allotted increments of 3 years, 5 years, or 7 years. A web interface permits for simple easy review and retrieval.

1. Efficient and effective tiered storage design
2. Operational archiving
3. Compliance archiving


1. Encrypted Storage
Encrypted storage service offers the ability to store emails and mailbox data in an encrypted format, assuring data security. This service compliments the encrypted transmission of email that is included in our standard service.

Encrypted storage typically uses industry standard DES encryption to offer an additional layer of protection from outside attacks. Encrypted storage empowers organizations to comply with regulatory and industry specific needs and security requirements.

  • Data protected in stored state
  • Support for regulatory and industry specific compliance needs


2. Smartphone Support
Techarex Networks provide support for ActiveSync on Android and iPhone, as well as BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

Such service provides full Microsoft Exchange connectivity for the Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Blackberry platforms with “push email”, calendaring, and collaboration profound features. Smartphone services get executed as a transparent layer on top of Microsoft Exchange services.

  • Complete Exchange support for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Devices


3. Offsite Backup
Offsite backup appends an extra layer of protection by offering the transmission of backups to a remote data center.

Data can be restored and retrieved easily upon specific request. Offsite backup delivers a redundant replica of the backed up data to a remote site and supports compliance with corporate disaster recovery policies.

Techarex Networks Dedicated Exchange Hosting Features

  • Threat detection and alert services
  • Advanced firewall protection
  • Migration from existing email services
  • 24X7X365 hands-on technical support

Techarex Networks provides the entire gamut of cloud hosting enterprise services and solutions on VMware platform like Dedicated Exchange cloud hosting and MS Exchange hosting.

Our dedicated experienced team is guiding clients the best business solutions for them, from all around the world.



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