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Ways to Capture Memory Exhaustion in Magento

What is Magento

Magento is the most used e-commerce store front software. Almost all of the e-commerce websites are made using Magento which provides a large memory to its users and has the ability to increase it. Though Magento users never complain about this software, Magento network management service does have some memory related issues that has been troubling many of its users a lot.

We have been receiving a lot of complaints from the Magento users who have been affected a lot due to a My SQL query on their store consumed so much memory that it crossed the Magento capture memory limit for the process. It is not that easy to identify the cause of the query with Magento’s native system.log exception.log. Therefore, a little extra logging was used to find the cause of the query.

This means that you should use a fast mechanism to find the cause; however, it should certainly be not used as a permanent tool for diagnosis. The php memory resource can be increased in the php.ini located in the public_html. Here we give you the steps of fixing the error of Magento capture memory.

Step 1

First login into your cPanel and go to the File Manager.

Step 2

Select the web root (public_html/www) directory and select Go.

Step 3

Find the php.ini file in the public_html. However, if you don’t have a php.ini stored in your public_html files then you can take the the help of the tech support to restore the php.ini in your public_html directory.

Step 4

Open the php.ini file with your code editor and find the memory limit section in it.

Step 5

Now increase the memory_limit value to 256M. If your memory_limit value is already 256M then change it to 512M. Now save your changes.

Step 6

If you want to make these changes effective, you will have to make the php.ini recursive

Now, when you visit your website, related to any topic, you won’t see the ‘Allowed memory error’ anymore.

But if you still see that error on your site, then there may be a setting within the software itself which is overriding the change. Another problem may be that the php.ini in the public_html may be overridden by another setting elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, you must contact your tech support to get rid of it.

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