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Top 5 Ways to Reduce TTFB in Magento

Slow loading Magento site has been a big problem for many site owners and poor coding is one of the most prominent reasons for that.

Reducing the time to first byte (TTFB) is an easy way to speed up your Magento website. The process might seem bit complex and tedious; however, the results will lead to faster loading of your website pages even when not cached.

So, reducing TTFB can be considered the ideal way to optimizing your Magento store.

Consider the Apache benchmarking test results for a Magento based website based on three key performance metrics – Time to First Byte (TTFB), full site load time and DOMContentLoaded.

It clearly shows that a full site load occurs in 11 seconds while TTFB remains 5 seconds at an average – something that needs considerable improvement.

5 most crucial ways to reducing TTFB

Here, we will take a look at the 5 most crucial ways to reducing TTFB – 

Remove Unnecessary Modules…

Some Magento stores have unused modules that are still installed. Some of these modules include –

  • Mage_Reviews
  • Mage_SalesRule
  • Mage_Wishlist
  • Mage_Bundle
  • Mage_Downloadable
  • Mage_Paypal
  • Mage_Log

This can cause some security risks and add overhead. So, you need to ensure that all such modules are removed. For example, Magento reviews and Magento sales rules functionality correspond to Mage_Reviews and Mage_SalesRule modules.

Hence, if you are not using any of these functionalities, ensure removing both corresponding modules. 

Change Your Search Back-End

It has been detected that the Magento MySQL search is quite slow & inaccurate for users at times. Deploying an alternative back-end will make the search process faster & more accurate.

If deploying the Enterprise edition, you can build SOLR and enable it quickly. However, in case, the Community edition is being used, a third party module will have to be installed for getting the communication between Magento and Backend. 

Update Magento’s Version…

Several core files rewrites are included as part of the new releases of Magento in order to optimize the manner in which Magento handles internal logic.

Hence, it’s highly recommended to upgrade your network management service magento to the latest version in case you are still running an older version as it will help reduce TTFB to considerable extent. 

Implement Full Page Caching (FPC)…

Full page caching helps take off considerable load from the server. With FPC, each time a page is rendered by a server, all of the rendered data is gets held in cache itself.

So, whenever a page request is made, the server renders the page only if there are some changes made since the last render made. For Magento sites with high traffic volumes, caching holds considerable importance in reducing TTFB and increasing the overall store performance. 

Block Search Suggestions…

Search suggestions if blocked can reduce TTFB considerably. However, disabling AJAX search suggestions may prove to be quite complicated and that’s the reason why AJAX is not used by many store owners. In case this feature is not being deployed, blocking the request on server will also do the job.

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