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Securing Your Store in Magento

One of the most used e-commerce store front software, Magento attracts a lot of cyber criminals. There have been cases where hackers have tried to steal personal customer data, misuse credit cards or even tried to steal someone’s data. Apart from that, there have been many cases of Distributed Denial of Service  (DDoS) attacks.

Keeping these things in mind, Magento has a relatively secure system and is frequently patched. However, you too can make amends to make sure that your website is as secure as possible. Here are some ways of ensuring managed security services magento.

  1. Keep Your Magento Software Updated

Updating the Magento software can be annoying but it should be done keep this software secured. This is because new weaknesses and ‘exploits’ are being discovered on a daily basis and the Magento Development team is responsible to promptly make sure that every new threat is being patched up. To make sure that no hacker is able to use these threats as a way of creating a ruckus for your website, updating Magento’s software is necessary.

  1. Maintain Regular Backups

There have been cases where some hackers have got into a website and deleted all of its data. Now this can be a problem for the website as its users won’t be able to get any data from it. In order to make sure that nothing of that sort happens to you, keep a regular backup of your website’s data. If any data of your website gets deleted then you can use the backup to restore it.

  1. Use Updated Antivirus Software

Trojans are still used to infect virus into systems by hackers in order to steal data or delete it. These software programs can steal your account and password to get into the website. The best way to avoid such problems is to use antivirus software which is updated.

  1. Implement a Strong Password Policy

It won’t be a surprise if you get to know that it’s quite easy for hackers to gain access of your passwords using a password cracking software. However, you can easily save your website and password by making your password too complex that cracking them becomes a hard task, even with software. Go to Admin Panel, then select System and then select My Account. Now you can change your password using the following ways:

  • It must be 10 characters long
  • It should have 2 alphabetic letters
  • The letters must be upper case and lower case
  • It must have 2 numerical digits
  • It should have special character like ^ & *
  • Do not any commonly used words
  • Do not use any birthdates

With these steps you can easily ensure your Magento’s security and make your website unavailable to hackers.

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