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Magento Experts Recommend Keeping your Magento Store Secure with Security Patches

It’s one of the most common questions asked by several clients to their hosting services provider that why they should go for installing a newly released patch for Magento. Well, Magento security patches are highly critical to ensuring security of your Magento store.

In this blog post, we will learn more on the importance of installing Magento patches along with some other ways to keep Magento store secure from threats.

Report Says Hackers find e-Commerce Highly Lucrative…

Magento Store Secure with Security Patches

Study made by a leading analyst firm revealed some shocking results for the world of e-commerce. According to the report, the corporate and internal networks are being affected largely by security breach incidents.

Hacker attacks are influencing e-commerce adversely as 38 percent of the total breach cases were from this particular industry. SQL injection remained the critical factor for e-commerce environments intrusion with 26 percent cases.

Malicious file uploads (22 percent), code injection (17 percent) and malicious insiders (13 percent) were the other factors impacting the security of e-commerce environments.

Considering the scene for Magento e-commerce platform, it can be said that it is the preferable target of choice for several hackers. It definitely does not turn out to be quite surprising as its well-known how atleast 5 critical vulnerabilities were identified last year in Magento. A majority of the websites that got affected included the ones not updated with security patches.

Why are Magento Store Owners So Reluctant to Invest in Store Security?

It’s not just due to unawareness about the security patches that prevents store owners to take necessary actions to maintain their store updated and safe. In fact, there are some other reasons too. Firstly, security patches installation is a complex procedure that requires sufficient technical know-how.

Its needed to identify the correct patch that needs to be applied followed by a set of activities like –

• Log into Magento account
• Download patch
• Transfer files
• Run series of commands
• Test if everything works

Unfortunately, online merchants are not that sound to do so and they neither want to invest in hiring an expert for the same. So, they rather prefer a hypothetical risk (that may or may not arise) over the investment they have to surely make for hiring an expert.

Furthermore, online merchants even get more discouraged by the fact that Magento security patches are being released very frequently.

What Experts Suggest to Magento Store Owners?

Magento Store

According to experts, it’s highly recommended to install the Magento security patches without any delay. If you want to know the patches available for different Magento versions, simply look for the same in the Magento Downloads page.

Most importantly, if you do not have the expertise to carry out the installation process, do approach your development partner for the same. It will ensure that the required patches are applied as they should be.

Additionally, if you want to check that if your Magento is secure enough, you can make use of some tools provided by the Magento community. Magereport is one of the most popular of these tools followed by Magescan. These tools will help you verify if all patches are correctly applied.

That’s how you can keep your Magento store safe from the reach of hackers and other malicious threats.

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