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Magento Commerce Acquires Cloud Based Analytics Platform RJMetrics

One of the leading e-commerce platform providers, Magento Commerce has announced the acquisition of RJMetrics, a leading Cloud based Analytics platform designed for digital commerce business intelligence. The solution will effectively integrate with Magento platform to enable merchants gain a better understanding of their customers, sell smartly and increase ROI.

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The powerful native Analytics solution from RJMetrics will be marketed under the name “Magento Analytics”. Using the Analytics solution, non-technical business users will be able to integrate effectively with enterprise-grade data sets across multiple applications.

Magento Commerce Acquired RJMetrics

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What the CEOs had to Say?

Magento Commerce CEO Mark Lavelle said that the combination of RJMetrics with Magento’s global ecosystem of Solution Partners will help Magento merchants to gain from the cutting-edge Analytics to stay ahead of the fierce e-commerce competition.

On the other hand, Robert Moore, CEO of RJMetrics, said that the blending of Magento with RJMetrics will open a new world of possibilities for the company’s existing customers.

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A Quick Look at the Capabilities of Magento Analytics…

According to a research report, most global organizations are able to make use of one-third of the collected data. With Magento Analytics though, businesses can expect to successfully translate the data & Analytics result into easily measurable business outcomes. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of Magento Analytics –

Advanced Customer Insights – Deep Analytics understand customers better. It will include following –

● Customer lifetime value
● Repurchase rates
● Inactive customers
● Churn
● Cohort analysis

Improved Merchandising – Merchants will gain insights into item, page, promotion, and channel performance to optimize digital shopping experience.

Cross-Border Analytics – Powerful insights to enable smaller merchants effectively compete against bigger competitors.

Marketing Campaign ROI – Gain insights into campaign performance in order to tune & optimize campaigns in a better way.

Improved Segmentation & Personalization – More targeted promotions will enable Magento merchants to sell more.

What All RJMetrics will bring to the Table?

Overall, RJMetrics will bring these three things for Magento Commerce –

● A company re-branded under the name Magento Analytics offering customers innovative way to blend data as required from e-commerce platforms.
● A simplified approach for Magento Commerce customers to access analytics reporting capabilities seamlessly followed by their integration with enterprise-grade data sets
● A more democratized, simplified data experience for customers

Summing it up…

Global e-commerce business owners rely on Magento hosting for getting access to a fully featured online store while staying relieved of hassles involved in hosting.
Industry experts believe that the acquisition of RJMetrics by Magento Commerce aims at providing all such online merchants the diverse set of tools that can help their businesses gain the leading edge. Hopefully, with the blend of these platforms, e-commerce merchants using the Magento platform will get plentiful tools to boost their business.

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