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Magento 2.0 : Hottest New and Incredible Features

Magento has been the hot-favorite of e-commerce merchants across the globe, no matter whether they run a large or small e-commerce store.

Moreover, with the recent upgrades leading to the release of Magento 2.0, it can be said that there has been a massive overhaul altogether.

Magento 2.0 is indeed a clean upgrade featuring a default HTML5/CSS3 setup that can impact the way how themes are defined.

In this blog, we would be taking into account all such features that render Magento 2.0 more purposeful for store owners.

1. Entirely New Structure

Magento 2.0: Hottest New and Incredible Features

Magento 2.0 version features a totally new structure. Following are the 4 Directories available now –

● Primary directories
● Public directories
● System directories
● Application directories

Among the changes done to the file structure, following are the two most prominent ones –
● All items are directly placed under the app structure
● A VIEW directory is available with each module that allows access to the template, layout and other files of that module

This will allow developers to get more, better customization opportunities without making any change to core site functionality.

2. CSS Preprocessing

Rather than using Bootstrap, Magento 2.0 deploys its own CSS and LESS in theme core. The CSS preprocessor includes two independent preprocessors –

✓ LESS preprocessor: Along with LESS PHP adapter, it enables the deployment of LESS in Magento
✓ CSS URL resolver: It resolves links detected in CSS source files and suitably replaces them with the right ones.
Some of the Key Advantages of CSS URL resolver and LESS preprocessor include –
✓ Enhanced performance
✓ Faster page load
✓ System becomes friendlier with the search engine

3. Magento UI Library

It is a flexible Magento frontend library that employs different mixins for base elements. Magento UI Library is built on LESS preprocessor and helps to simplify front end customization and theme development.
Major characteristics of this Magento library include following –

✓ Responsive
✓ Customizable
✓ Accessible
✓ Easy-to-maintain

4. User-friendly UX

All menus in Magento 2.0 have been grouped under 2 functions –

● System
● eCommerce

Magento 2.0 Features

Menus like Product, Marketing, Content, Report etc., have been displayed in clear format in a logical sequence.

Products Menu

Magento 2.0 New Features

Marketing Menu

Magento 2.0 New Features

Reports Menu

Magento 2.0 New Features

5. Performance Improvements

Following improvements have been done –

● Improved Indexers – New indexers incorporate all the functionality available in the earlier enterprise versions but with more efficient updates and speedier query performance
● Varnish – Magento 2 comes integrated with Varnish Cache that reduces server load and decreases page load time.

6. Scalability Improvements

Following scalability improvements are noticeable –

● Full Page Caching: All the static page content gets cached, thereby increasing performance and reducing the server load.
● Multiple Admin Users: Magento 2.0 allows multiple admin users to create as well as edit store products with ease.

We hope this post fully explains what’s new in Magento 2.0. For more articles and advice on magento and other ecommerce solutions, subscribe to our blog posts.

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