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How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to your Existing Magento Store

No doubt, when you keep a good track of the way your e-commerce business is doing, the probability of things going wrong is drastically reduced. When it’s about tracking the performance of your Magento store, available resources are quite less.

Luckily, there are tools available nowadays that allow you monitor different parameters related to the performance of your store. Google Analytics is the ultimate tool that can be deployed by site administrators for collecting data related to user’s behavior.

In this blog, we will learn the procedure to add Google Analytics code to your Magento store.

What Google Analytics helps you Track in your Magento Store?

Google Analytics enables you track a number of key parameters that define the overall performance of your Magento store. Google Analytics allows you do following –

  • Track performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and many other social platforms is made simply hassle-free & quick.
  • Track the ROI from your social media marketing campaign
  • Trace impact of your overall social engagement on your online business
  • Determine monetary value of conversions from different social networks
  • Determine your Magento store’s conversion rate
  • Derive information on time spent by visitors on your store, new visitors and returning visits
  • Perform comprehensive content analysis to get valuable data on how posted content is doing
  • Monitor & track different advertising channels like banner ads, search ads and affiliates.


Google Analytics Code in Magento – Getting Started…


Two types of tracking are supported by Magento –

  • Page View Tracking – Get the origin from where your Magento store visitors reached your store
  • E-commerce Tracking – Details about customers making purchases from your store as well as products bought on a daily basis

In order to add the code, you need to sign up initially at the Google website. A Google Analytics Account Number will be sent to you; remember to note it down. This number will be required during the configuring procedure.

Procedure to Add the Google Analytics Tracking Code…

1. Login into the admin panel

2. Go to System > Configuration > Sales

3. Under “Sales”, click “Google API

4. In the Google API screen, do following –

  • Enter the Google Analytics account number received previously in the “Account Number” field
  • Set Enable to “Yes


5. Click “Save Config” button to finally save changes

We hope this blog fully explains the procedure to add Google Analytics code into a Magento store.

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