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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Magento Store’s Total Loading Time

Being one of the heaviest eCommerce CMS systems, it becomes obvious that the speed or the performance of Magento may slow down easily, especially when it is not set up correctly.

Users often face the problem with the loading time of Magento store and this adversely hampers the overall performance of your store.

Page loading time has significant effect on the conversion rate as is shown in following figure. From the figure, it’s evident that as the site load time goes up from 1 second to 4 seconds, a sharp decline in conversion rate is there.

Also, it can be seen that overall average site load time for converted population (3.2 seconds) is less than that for non-converted population (6.03 seconds).


If you are also facing the same problem and want to improve the total load time of your Magento store, you can adopt some easy ways as given below –

How to Improve Magento Total Load Time?

Hosting your Magento on Cloud servers allows you have better loading speed

Incorporate Caching –

Quite rightly, caching is one of the most effective ways for the betterment of Magento loading time. Incorporation of caching extension within the file of Magento’s configuration can easily help in decreasing the total load time. All you need to do is go to the system, select the cache management option, then choose Action dropdown and finally click submit.

Improve front-end performance


You can adopt some well-recognized approaches for the same. One of the most prominent ways is to adjust the image resolution without sacrificing quality besides keeping images per page minimal.

Apart from this, you can eliminate all superfluous extensions and reduce the grid size of products to get better loading time.

Rectify Website Page Errors


Your Magento store will slow down to a large extent due to page errors and so the same need to be fixed without any delay.

Broken links and 404 errors can be a real pain in this regard. Simply scrutinize your entire website for such malfunctioning links & errors and fix them all.

It may be quite tedious to find 404 errors though but once these are detected & fixed, you will see improved loading time for your Magento store.

Merging/Reducing of CSS and JS files  –

 Most Magento files come with several types of CSS and JS Java scripts, which affect the total loading time in some way or the other.

An ideal approach is to merge both CSS and JS files, which will automatically improve the performance. You may also remove the unwanted CSS files because lesser is the number of these files, faster will be the loading.

Deploy the Latest version

Opting for the latest version of Magento will automatically increase the loading time and performance level of your store.

For this, you may either install a completely new version or may upgrade the older version as per requirement.

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