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4 Easy Ways to Leverage your Magento Store Holiday Traffic

The holidays are a popular time to market, so it is essential to put forward all the creative ideas and plans into your holiday marketing campaign.

It’s during holidays that customers are quite eager to go for lavish spending for the products of their choice.


If you are a Magento store owner and want to make the maximum out of the peak spending period, you need to follow some tips.

One of the most crucial steps before doing anything in this regard is to ensure that your Magento website does not crumble due to high volumes of traffic.

With too many shoppers trying to make a purchase through your website during the holiday season, there is high possibility your store starts displaying its inability to handle the traffic.

So, initially, you need to analyze your store’s performance during the past few months to decide if it will be capable of handling the high traffic load, set to come in the coming months. Once done with this part, you can follow the tips mentioned below –

Go for Early Promotion…

For an early bargain, you must tap into people’s desire for the products available at your store by recognizing what exactly runs through the shoppers’ minds during the holiday season.

Start doing holiday promotions ahead of the period by tapping the power of on-site banners and ad copy writers. Ensure to make the maximum out of the e-mail list you have in hand for holiday promotions.

Recapture Cart Abandonments…

Shoppers may abandon their cart due to a number of reasons as shown below –


Every cart abandonment results in several dollars lost and hence it becomes extremely crucial to recapture all such cart abandonments.

An ideal way of doing this is to send specific promotional offers to shoppers who abandoned their carts.

Moreover, Magento Extensions like “Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro” can help you send instant reminders to all such customers who abandon their carts.

Harness the Power of Remarketing…

Shoppers who have already shown their willingness for some of your store products can be lured with little effort if you deploy the behavioral retargeting technique or simply remarketing.

Undecided window shoppers are keen to make purchase from an online store if the products they have willingness for are advertised to them in a more influential manner.

So, ensure to follow the remarketing approach to enable such potential customers become actual customers.

Provide Holiday-centric Content…

The sooner you start with data-driven selections; the lesser will be the need of devising the correct conversion strategy to maximize sales during this period.

Before the holidays period start, make sure to split test content to decide upon the most effective advertising, promotional content and landing page design that will actually work during the holiday season.

Several Magento extensions for split testing & conversion optimization like “Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro” are available nowadays and the same can be easily implemented with ease on your eCommerce store to send alerts to customers about abandoned carts.


By following these easy-to-follow tips, you can attain the most out of the holiday traffic coming to your Magento store. So, try them for sure!

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