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Steps To Connect Mac Host On VM Fusion To Get An Optimum Output

Connecting mc host on vm fusion is a method to connect a guest window Virtual Machine in order to enable it to see a MySQL server on the host Mac OSX computer. This would enable them to share the same database instead of file based .eap and avoid setting up an additional MySQL server on VM machine.

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Meaning of VM fusion

VM fusion OR Virtual Machine Fusion is a software specially designed for macintosh computers that makes windows operating system and other application programs get on a virtual mode in these computers. The aim of using this feature is to provide a unity view that aids in making applications appear as if they were native to this system.  This software was released in August 2007 and the latest version, which was compatible with Mavericks, the latest Mactintosh’s operating system, was released in September 2013.

Meaning of Mac Host

Mac host is a small text based file with the capability to map, track hostnames to a specified IP address. This file can override the DNS servers to manually  point a website address or to block access to a particular site by indicating towards an unused or internal IP address.

Connecting Mac Host on VM Fusion

  • You have to make a few adjustments in order to connect mc host on vm fusion. Firstly, make sure that the windows vm settings are connected to vm fusion are set to NAT (share with my mac).
  • In windows 8 make sure that the windows firewall settings are turned off for guests or public networks.
  • Type ipc conf to command a window opening in order to get the ip address of the window.
  • These steps will ensure that you can switch to mac os and will be able to navigate widows ip address in a web browser.

A user can connect mc host on vm fusion by using Network Address Translation (NAT) and a VM is available on windows XP and the host is a Mac running Fusion. There are two ways to access a Mac Host from XP VM- first way to access is via TCP/IP and the other is to used the share folders features.

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The first way to access is- to get a private IP address from Vmware virtual DHCP server. In the second way, you can enable shared folders by doing following steps-

  • You need to select VM from the Settings
  • Select Sharing in the System Settings section from Settings windows.
  • Drag Share folders slider to ON.
  • Then press add(+) button from the display box.
  • Find the location of the folder in the Finder sheet and add it
  • Set VM permission in the MAC’s shared folder in the Permission field.

Follow these steps to connect mc host on vm fusion in order to get an optimum output.

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