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Windows Vs Linux: Which One is the Best for Your Server

Before coming to any conclusion regarding which operating system is the best for web servers, let’s have an elaborated view about dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers: A server that is hosted by only one company and allows them to lease and access is known as a dedicated server.  It is devoted to only one client and the same is not shared with any other clients. Dedicated servers usually allow the client to choose between a wide range of operating systems and the type of hardware.

In the Web hosting business, a dedicated server refers to the leasing and special use of a computer that includes a Web server, related software, and connection to the Internet. It is usually needed for a website that may develop a substantial amount of traffic. This server can be configured and operated remotely from the client’s company. It is stated that the use of a dedicated server saves internet connection, security system and network administration related costs.

Windows VS Linux Dedicated Servers

When you are installing a dedicated server, it is really important to know if you require a Windows or Linux operating system. As these servers can be used to run different applications, it is wise to choose the correct operating system. This way, you will save a lot of money as well as your time. In case, you choose an incorrect operating system, you will need to contact your hosting provider to have the new operating system installed on your server which requires a whopping fee.

  • You require installing dedicated Windows server if your development team has created your websites with ASP or ASP.NET scripting, which operate Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) databases. On the other hand, dedicated Linux server is open source software. There are no licensing fees for using the software, unlike Windows licensing.
  • If your websites or applications have been developed using PHP and MySQL, it is wise to opt for Linux operating system. A Windows operating system can also be used to develop PHP and MySQL database websites and applications but is more often used for ASP development.
  • Linux uses less server resources than Windows which will save a lot of money which is generally required. Also, the system requirements for Linux are less than Windows.
  • It is believed that Linux is superior to Windows remote desktop as it allows for Secure Shell access.

While both offer the same level of security, there are discrete differences between the two that need to be considered. Establishing what applications you need to run your business will resolve which server box is right for your business. If you choose the correct hosting provider, it will give you the enterprise resources and enough time to move your business forward.

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