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Protecting Vital Data with Help of Efficient Dashboard

An acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, in layman terms, it implies taking appropriate measures in accordance with safety regulations to safeguard the critical Protected Health Information (PHI). Failure to do so would result in punitive actions by the legal system of the country.

An acronym for Payment Card Industry means a secured system of making monetary transactions via credit, debit and cash to prevent misuse of cardholder’s personal details. This Data Security Standard (DSS) is a dashboard or a platform which electronically ensures whether an organization is HIPAA compliant or not. This form is cost-effective, secure and hassle-free to implement, monitor and manage activities within an organization.

How Does Hosting HIPAA & PCI Dashboards Help?

In this age of extensive cyber-hacking, it becomes important to safeguard all critical data. For small budget companies, regular audits become a hassle in terms of money and resource. Such companies are vulnerable to potential breach of safeguarding critical information. Hosting HIPAA, PCI dashboards help companies to effectively manage all their activities related to compliance and increase the accountability.

Hosting HIPAA and PCI dashboards help organizations stay ahead of the compliance curve in a great way. This platform has two programs that helps keep track of a company’s logging and tracking activities and to foresee any compliance breach at internal as well as external level. In case of non-adherence, or a breach, an email is automatically sent to the dashboard. Thus, it helps safeguarding at both levels.

Major Objectives of PCI DSS

This dashboard aims to maintain a secured network to facilitate all transactions.

  • This involves a use of strong firewalls which help prevent malicious attacks on wireless LANs. Cardholders must be able to change their PINs, as and when required.
  • Vital information like date of birth, social security numbers and street addresses must be encrypted that helps in a secured e-commerce.
  • Systems must be protected against malwares, bugs and theft by installing and updating them with the latest software and anti-spy-wares.
  • Each user must be assigned a unique identification number to trail a leak.
  • Patient’s information, if recorded on a paper, must be converted into electronic form and all those paper-documents must be shredded.
  • This platform is styled in such a way that it gives ‘at-a-glance’ summary whether organization is vulnerable to a hack or is non-compliant.
  • Automatic email alerts and notifications go to the dashboard in case of non-adherence. This tool not only caters to external audit but also helps in self-assessing.

In other words, this efficient portal provides a real time tracking of an organization’s compliance policy.

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