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How are hosted Sage 50 beneficial for you?

Hosted Sage 50 is an accounting solution that is highly suitable and versatile for small businesses and organizations. It offers the required accounting tools and functions that a qualified accountant requires in order to resourcefully run a business. Additionally, it provides a trouble-free, efficient process and spontaneous interface to make the overall accounting process a lot easier. Through, Hosted Sage 50, accountants can run many operations such as cash flow, collections, budgets, payments and taxes. It is a complete package offering various benefits including inventory and report options. Let’s have a look at some of the benefit for using Hosted Sage 50.

Extremely versatile and 24*7 access

It gives the users to access software and data from any device from any location. One of the top advantages is that users can access their data from desktop, smart phones as well as laptops. As it can be used anytime, the organizations gains unrestrained competence. By using Hosted Sage 50, there is no need to especially email the files such as excel sheets and figures as they can be directly accessed by the users. Moreover, the users do not have to submit flash drives and print large reports.

High Security

One of the major concerns for businesses and organizations is security. There is always a fear of getting the important files and financial information to get hacked by the hackers which can create major consequences. There is a belief that with hosted network, hackers can easily access important information however, it’s a complete myth. With Hosted Sage 50, you don’t have to worry as they are highly secured.

Easy to install and use

As Hosted Sage 50 is provided on a Window virtual desktop, all the features and functionality are easy to use. With an easy installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centre, you will have every requirement to get started.

Save money

As no extra hardware or software or installation cost is required, you can save a lot of money by installing Hosted Sage 50.

These are some of the benefits which you can own by installing Hosted Sage 50. Moreover, they are profoundly secured and reliable. With Hosted Sage 50, you will also able to fit in other efficiency tools used in conjunction with the influential accounting software. Other software such as Microsoft Office and CRM tools can easily be hosted and accessed from the same platform as your Hosted Sage 50 Accounting software.

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