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Guide to Selecting the Best between Office 365 Hosting and Hosted Exchange

In this information oriented business world, it has become a prerequisite to have the robust line of communication. With the powerful communication system, sending emails, syncing contacts and managing important business schedules become an easy to do tasks.

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange are among the best available business enterprise software suites that guarantee seamless access to emails, contacts and other important information. To boost up the performance of these business software suites, you also have an option to host them on a cloud server. By moving these software suites, you can access your emails directly from your mobile phones.

Microsoft Dedicated Exchange Hosting or Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Office helps you access emails and other important business information from smartphone or any other mobile devices. If you are rebuilding your business communication strategy or in case, if you are confused between Office 365 Hosting and Hosted Exchange, then in this article, we will look into the key differences between both, and help you select the best one.

Key Differences between Office 365 Hosting and Hosted Exchange

Data Synchronization

In today’s mobile world, every one of us wants to have seamless access to emails with our mobile devices. Both Office 365 Hosting and Hosted Exchange rely on ActiveSync to sync important business email data on the mobile devices of authorized users. However, if business wants to have unlimited devices connected to the server then it can be bit costly. Usually, you may end up paying around $3 to $11 to get extra functionality to unlimited users. However, with Office 365 hosting, you can avail unlimited user access without paying any extra amount. And, therefore, when it comes to data synchronization, Office 365 Hosting undoubtedly beats Hosted Exchange.

Security and Compliance

If security of email data is your top notch priority then Office 365 hosting is always better than Microsoft Dedicated Exchange Hosting. Well, Microsoft Dedicated Exchange Hosting guarantees optimal safety and security of data stored on emails, but Office 365 Hosting meets the Gold Standard of security. With FISMA and HIPAA security compliances, your emails are always safe and secure as per the norms set by the US Federal Government Agency. And, therefore, it is always advisable to go with Office 365 Hosting when information breakdown is always a threat to your business.


Well, pricing is not the sole consideration that you may be worried about while selecting the best between Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Hosting. However, if you are a small business enterprise the budget always plays a pivotal role. Compared to Hosted Exchange, Office 365 hosting is cost effective. Office 365 costs you around $48 per year, whereas Microsoft Dedicated Exchange Hosting can cost you $155 a year.


With Office 365 hosting, you can get a number of additional advantages, such as archiving ability, lync proficiency and SharePoint hosting. Whereas, with Office 365 hosting there doesn’t come any additional advantage.


If you want to build robust and secure line of communication system for your fast growing business, then it is always advisable to go with Office 365 hosting. To know more about Office 365 hosting, call us right now.

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