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Unveiling the Future of Boundless “ANYTHING data”

Data is  constantly gushing from different sources and devices on figure tips, internet is flooded with heterogeneous data.  The future of such massive propping up of data is definitely unpredictable and a matter of concern.

Government, non-government industries like, banking, stock exchange, pharmaceuticals, insurance, textile, manufacturing , automotive etc., social networking sites, weather tellers, sensors, phones and many other sources are contributing to enormous volumes of data at every second, over internet.

The cloud-based technologies may face unsustainable challenges in future, may be not capable enough to handle such voluminous data. Massive eruption may go beyond big data, in future. It’s going to be “anything data” on the “Internet of Anything”, the “world of any device”, “anything”, “anyone at anytime”, “any data”; we should be able to guess the future of such eruption.

The utility of data is in its utilization into databases, data over cloud is expected to be evolving to database intelligence in billions of things. The data is worthy business asset; therefore, its transformation should be business benefitting. The sheer volume of data forcing data-storage technologies, continue to evolve. As data distribution may become challenge in coming scenario. The technologies of big data over cloud are making efforts to transform data to actionable intelligence, which carry intelligence to solve hard complex problems through open architectures for modern digital enterprise. We need that technological support in future which helps business to handle data-at-rest and data-in-motion at real time dynamic environment. Business should be handled in more predictive IT infrastructural environment. A strategic innovative ambiance is needed which can handle security, scaling and mining of a right data, at right place and from the right domain. Business going to require more advance analytical capabilities with such massive eruption of data, in future. Therefore, IT renovation demands intelligent inventors and architects, which refines the business at next level.

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