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Wires only & Managed WAN Services – SDN Hybrid

With the technologies like VPLS, SDN and Hybrid WAN solutions, the WAN space is becoming interesting. From past few years, there has not been so much advancement in technology and companies are relying on older and tested managed layer. Due to Quality of Service delivered by the solutions, the success of MPLS VPN is sure.

However, there is a buzz in the market about evolvement of SDN and Hybrid services. Along with this, the confusion is also arising that how these technologies can prove to be beneficial for any business enterprise.

SDN comes up with advanced and enhanced capability to reduce the cost of managing WAN and wires only services.  By reaching at high level, the SDN decouples the intelligence from the device to a centralized software management platform.

This reduces the cost of hardware, as the device is no longer needed to perform instead of just passing traffic. With this, the actual managed capabilities increases because the open standard nature of SDN allows developers to create solutions out of software. Due to open nature, so many experts contribute in the innovation that implies SDN will evolve at a quicker pace.

In addition, there are certain WAN providers in the market who offer elements of Software networking that allow the clients to make bandwidth and QoS change on fly in real time.

Hybrid Networking

This is simply a leased line connected into the service provider network in the similar manner like any typical product.  Due to this shift, the enterprise can choose which technology comes from internet-based services through to Layer 3 and Layer 2 Ethernet point-to-point and multipoint.

The ways to achieve hybrid capability varies, but the result seems similar in execution. For example, the hybrid allows the circuit to share layer 3 VPN and internet for remote users.

At the end, both SDN and Hybrid are changing the way to manage WAN solutions with innovative and faster evolution of product features. These features are driven up by open standards and connectivity, which has the capability of becoming the service needed for the given site.

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