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Why to Deploy a Multi-Cloud Computing Strategy?

The involvement of two or more cloud computing services in one framework is termed as Multi-cloud.It is a common practice to bring in use multiple types of cloud computing services to meet the requirements. The cloud computing services adopted by an organization may include Software (SaaS), or Infrastructure (IaaS) providers.

There are several advantages of a Multi-cloudcomputing strategy. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cuts down the dependency on one cloud computing service provider. Different Cloud Computing Service Provides (CSP) can be employed in to furnish multi-cloud computing services for your business. Thus, helping in easy customization of services offered by different vendors.
  • Raises the rate of flexibility. It happens so as users have more number of options, such as choice, mitigating against disasters and several others. They get a chance to make use of the most effective applications for their purpose. Each kind of cloud computing service has its own benefits, by incorporating all kinds of cloud computing services for running your business online, multi-cloud is highly constructive. This way all the requirements can be met as per the demand of the business.
  • Users get to work on a less complicated and easy user-interface. One can access the features and tools of a cloud-based business in a much simpler way following easier pathways.
  • Deploying a multi-cloud strategy for your business rules out the necessity of additional IT products or resources. This is of great advantage as it not brings down the pressure of maintaining a dedicated team of IT professionals, but also trims back the cost of business. The expenditure on purchasing IT products and devices is reduced by a significant amount.
  • It gives the host to place applications on different types of clouds, depending upon the usage and content of a file, document or an application. Share it on a managed public cloud, private cloud or a shared cloud, as per the privacy you wish to maintain for a specific asset or a resource. While some assets can be stored on public clouds, the more sensitive and confidential content can be saved on-premises. One must take in account several points, like security, performance or cost optimization, before segregating their resources on different clouds. However, it should also be considered that the accessibility on a hybrid cloud solution is quicker and easier. This is especially useful when the users are located at a greater distance. It all makes a difference in the response time as well as in the performance of the business.


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