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Traits that Make a Cloud Service Provider Highly Desirable

SLAs and affordable costs used to discern Cloud providers in the beginning; however, in the current competitive market, vendors need to do a bit more. So, one of the most critical questions that arises in this regard is that what traits a good Cloud service provider must have and what are the positives such a technology partner brings to the table. Let’s take a deeper look into the various features that a Cloud service provider must have essentially to ensure become a favorite of an organization looking to move its business to the Cloud.

Proven Expertise in Similar Capacity

Unless a Cloud service provider has some demonstrated success in the existing market, organizations would not be able to get a clue about its capabilities. A number of companies nowadays demand for references, and documented applications to know how precisely a set of applications can be migrated to the Cloud. Small & medium businesses more specifically lack Cloud skills and hence want the service provider to assist in planning, pilot testing as well as cloud deployment. SMBs want their Cloud service provider to use all their expertise so as to have a better grasp on the Cloud project.

Management Tools Availability for Public & Private Clouds

A number of complicated public and hybrid cloud apps have aroused the requirement of management tools for connecting & deploying such apps to the Cloud. In the beginning, management interfaces used to be the key focus of public Cloud services. However, current businesses believe that general provisioning & support toolkits are more useful compared to the management interfaces. Support toolkits are typically made available by service providers in the form of “templates” or “frameworks.”

Proficiency in Hybrid Cloud Application Deployment

Businesses would not generally opt for migrating to the Cloud unless there is the possibility of establishing harmony between internal IT resources and Cloud hosting. Creating hybrid apps with help of multiprogramming/SOA hosts, in-house virtualization etc., remains a crucial concern for such companies and that’s the reason why these look forward to a public Cloud service provider. The service provider also needs to identify private cloud “stack” working perfectly with the public Cloud offering available on their end.

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