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Tools to Deploy for Cloud Management

Cloud is becoming a basic tool for knowledge management for businesses in the present scenario. The level of flexibility it provides in using and sharing important information has completely abandoned the need from putting in the place large set of servers. Now it’s time to leave management of your critical data to cloud service providers and the use the space that can bring your business some real worth.

Especially, for small businesses and startups a cloud environment is of significant benefit. It ushers upon them advantages of saving useful resources and using them for further resource formation. Small businesses bear the advantages of saving their cost, efforts and labor to be used otherwise beneficially.

Very high level of technicality that encircles the creation of cloud environment calls for equivalently sound knowledge to keep the system free of any mismanagement. The inventors of cloud system have layered a very high significance to the management cloud computing environment. Though there are several players in the markets that offering cloud management on a massive scale, but there are few giants whose experience is unbeatable. The infrastructure they provide for cloud management are focused upon some key concepts.

  • They all are motivated towards supporting all type of cloud environment.
  • On-the-fly development
  • Providing new objects
  • Destroying useless objects like apps
  • Provisioning of suit of reports on status and dashboard to look into on need.

Market players who have furnished a structured cloud management tools guide and programs for those using cloud services, especially, for beginners are:

  1. RightScale:

Its product has four major components:

  • Cloud Management Environment
  • Cloud-Ready Server Template and Best Practice Deployment Library
  • Adaptable Automation Engine
  • Multi-Cloud Engine

These are the prominent constituents, but there is also a fifth one. The fifth one is the platform that can be easily extended over to support programmatic access.

  1. Kavvo:

This is somewhat similar platform to Rightscale with some typical components:

  • Use of single click for complex multi-tier application.
  • Automatic addition and removal of resources to manage demand bursts.
  • Management of application while being used.
  • Encryption of much used data on cloud.
  • Less of human intervention and automation of workflows.
  1. Zeus:

Zeus became famous for:

  • Its solid Web server
  • Its handful of experience in managing the application server space.
  • Coming up with the Application Delivery Controller piece of the Zeus Traffic Controller.
  • Using conventional load balancing tools to test availability and then spontaneously generate or destroy additional instances in the cloud, providing on-the-fly provisioning.
  1. Scalr:

It helps while up scaling and down scaling on the basis of traffic demands, snapshots, and the custom building of images for each server or server-type. It normally makes use of traditional expanded-LAMP architecture (LAMP plus Ruby, Tomcat, etc.) that comprises many content systems.

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