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Things to Keep in Mind While Going for Cloud Migration

When a company or an individual deploys data from onsite computers to the Internet or from one virtual domain to another, it is known as cloud migration. There are three-types of domains with respect to their scalability, security and a combination of both. They are public, private and hybrid models. Cloud migration services come with its set of challenges and benefits. By employing various tools and multiple software, one can ensure a seamless transition.

Mistakes to avoid in cloud migration

• Not making a thorough research before signing up.

• Not having a backup plan.

• Deploying data in bulk.

• Junking out old IT hardware.

• Not bothering to read security clause.

• Not investing in a competent in-house cloud expert.

• Not making appropriate pre-transition preparations.


To move one’s data from an existing provider to a new one, a person or company must first move it to their computers before deploying it to a new site. Additionally, this data must be re-formatted to configure with the new network. Following points should also be considered in this regard –

  • Before availing the services of a particular domain, one should make sure that they have opted for a provider which best suits their business requirements. Therefore, make a thorough search before narrowing down on one.
  • After moving data to virtual world, it is advisable not to junk it out to a scrap dealer rather, company can try for a hardware exchange to minimize a sting on IT resources.
  • Before paying a vendor for their domain, it is highly recommended to completely read the contract. It is imperative that a provider must clearly enlists security clauses.
  • For computing benefit on the internet, a company must fine-tune their Apps to derive optimal advantage.
  • Invest by hiring a competent in-house cloud expert. This person will help manage business requirements by implementing company’s strategy to derive maximum benefit.
  • Companies should try deploying their data in batches rather than moving it in bulk to migrate into a domain.
  • If an organization operates in several geographical locations or caters to customers across the globe, then purchase demography-friendly Apps or shortlist a common provider.
  • Before transferring Big Data to the domain, it is advisable to make pre-moving preparation. Experts recommend shipping customer storage disk to the internet provider.
  • Companies should keep a score-card to prioritize their application portfolios by evaluate economic, security and risk profile.
  • It is recommended to keep a back-up of the data to keep business running and in case of any exigency.

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