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Some Security Tips Essential for Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting, the non-conventional storage solution for all your data, has certainly elevated the business standards by bringing in the concept of virtual office. However, it is very essential that the cloud is wholly safe and secured.  Here are some of the tips to maintain cloud computing security and prevent data breach at all stages of operation.

  • A well organized data asset catalogue must be created to assure absolute cloud hosting security. It will involve identification of available data assets, segmenting data on the basis of criteria and significance. Also, the rights of possession of any data or resource must be clearly stated.
  • Privacy policy should be crafted carefully so as to secure use of data assets available on your cloud. All the laws and regulations related to the data usage and storage on cloud should make part of the legal policy stated on the cloud. This helps in limiting the use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Every business that relies on cloud hosting services for operation must ensure that deterrent controls must be employed well. Such controls work as warning signs or alerts to cut down the possibility of any sort of hack of data or resources from the cloud.
  • One of the best ways to keep each and every file on the cloud secured is to encrypt the file. With encryption, you limit the usage of a file using software once it is uploaded on the cloud. This will involve locking the file using a password to secure its access. For quick and safe access to a bunch of files, zip files together on the basis of their type and significance. At the time of sharing the file with other users on the cloud, you can share the password with them.
  • Build a strong back-up and recovery plan for the data on your cloud.
  • Apart from putting in use the best security tools and software, it is equally important to involve effective detective controls in the cloud computing strategy and plan. It assists in early detection of unauthentic access to the cloud content and prevention of any damage to the resource. Also, it puts forward possible solutions to curb the problem.

All the above mentioned security tips will help users deploying cloud to have a safe and secured storage solution for all their critical data.

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