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Setting Up Credentials Used To Access Cloud Files

To move back and forth in a cloud storage app you require credential. The basic purpose of these credentials is to allow access to cloud file account. Thus, every time you log in you are required to feed these credential to log in as an authorized user for the cloud files. Thus every time you want access to an account these credentials are your only support. But, the credentials and the metadata key you assign to a cloud files account should have access to the cloud files. The metadata keys that you provide with the credentials are of specific importance for supporting the generation of temporary URLs. The two specific ways of providing credentials and metadata keys are:

  1. In case you have not used other applications previously for accessing Cloud Files then you are supposed to create a new account.
  2. But if you are already a user of other applications that are used to access Cloud File then you can use the existing account.

Creating a new account and how to set credentials in SharePoint can be answered in the following way:

You set credentials for a new user and provide a metadata key for the same in create new account form. The app then adds the one who wants to access the cloud files as a user and creates the metadata key that should be used for your Cloud Files account. These credentials, when gets saved, are used to access Cloud Files.

The values mentioned by you at the form’s top like, user name, password, and email address, are the some of the important characteristics that are related to the recently created user.  The metadata key that is set gets allotted to your Cloud Files account. The credentials are situated at the foot of the form in the dark gray box and are used by the app to create the new user and for setting the metadata key. These credentials are not retained by the app. They are typically the credentials that you use to log in to the Cloud Control Panel.

How an account can be created by the existing user

If any applications are being used by you for connecting to your Cloud Files account via the REST APIs, then there is no need for you to alter your metadata key. It is possible that you are already signed as an API user for the other applications. Under this situation, directly provide credentials to the app.

Select the Already have an account option at the top end of the Create New Account form. Then mention the user name, password, and metadata key that is used for the existing account in the account info form. These credentials are saved by the app and are used to access the Cloud Files APIs.

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