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Private Vs Public Vs Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing services offer one of the most advanced ways of sharing computing resources among the users on a network. All kinds of businesses can benefit from cloud hosting services, depending upon the nature & requirement of their business. There are three types of Cloud computing services, namely Private cloud, Public cloud and Hybrid Cloud. Each service has its own set of pros and cons. Some of which have been listed below:

  • Public cloud is one efficient storage solution available off-site over the network. All the data and resources will be accessible by anyone on the Internet. It works on a pay-per-use model. You pay for what you use. It is highly recommended when the number of users is really huge. Also, it is of great use when users are involved in a collaborative project or business assignment. Public cloud finds maximum application for long-term storage, such as tape storage. Some of the most commonly used Public cloud applications are Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Sun Cloud, IBM’s Blue Cloud, Windows Azure Services Platform and many more.
  • Private cloud, also known as internal or corporate cloud, refers to the cloud hosting service that remains limited to a private network on the internet. The cloud is dedicated to perform and execute storage solution for a defined team and purpose. As compared to Public cloud, more security is ensured on a private cloud. Also, the cloud computing can be enhanced as per the scale of the business. Private cloud is of great assistance in finding quick and precise solutions for the operations of a business.
  • Hybrid Cloud is formed with a collaboration of multiple private and public cloud Different kinds of security platforms must be deployed in order to ensure data and resources on all the involved servers safe and secure. In such clouds, confidential data and resources must be stored on private clouds while some general data meant for all the members can be stored on public clouds on the network. So, it facilitates customization of data for internal and external users depending upon the need of the business.

However, with each type of cloud hosting there are certain shortcomings. While on public cloud there is a security concern as the data on public cloud is for free-access by everyone on the internet, hosting a private cloud for an organization is a high-priced step. Also, Hybrid Cloud is too expensive to be used for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). So, use a cloud hosting service that seems to be the most suitable for your business and relish the benefits.

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