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Moving an App to the Cloud – Critical Migration Requirements Discussed

Are you looking to move your application to the Cloud? If yes, then you must know that migration of apps to Cloud can be done easily by approaching a service provider having proven capabilities. Most importantly, there are certain requirements that must be met by an app to consider it suitable for migration to Cloud. Organizations need to understand applications correctly before moving them straight away into Cloud. It would help them understand the ideal applications to be migrated. Let’s take a closer look into how to identify such applications without much trouble.

Way to Deciding the Cloud-ready Applications

Let’s guide you more on the factors that you can consider to decide if an application is Cloud ready or not. Applications that have been developed in the past 15 years and are based on a language supported by your Cloud are ideal for moving to that target Cloud. Migration would be further simplified by deploying an analogous platform for your applications in the target Cloud. For better filtering, you can also look for the data that is largely decoupled from your core basic app. As required, you can divide the data & app across Cloud & non-cloud platforms. Besides these; security, compliance, & governance requirement are few other factors that could be considered.

What Different Migration Options are Available?

Identifying which applications to migrate may seem like a tedious task; however, you can always find out all such applications and have the same migrated by deploying any of the available methods. Let’s take a look at the various methods available. Lift and Shift is one of the least expensive methods and it allows shifting the applications to the Cloud without requiring much of modification.

However, it’s recommended to deploy this option when you have to deploy a different Cloud infrastructure to host applications. Another method is Partial Refactoring in which you alter quite a little data/code but overall enhance the effectiveness of the application. Finally, Complete Refactoring involves rewriting the application to make it as much Cloud-native as possible.

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