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Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing utilizations can offer unbelievable benefits to business segments. Considering its benefits, it is no surprise that the number of users adopting cloud is increasing swiftly across the world. It is somewhat true that not every cloud application leads to such affirmative outcomes. Most of the common factors citing cloud computing implementation failures can finally be traced back to errors and fallacies on the part of the businesses affected. With an enhanced knowledge about the cloud and selection of right partners, companies can save themselves from falling into troubles. Lets’ have a look at some of the major misconceptions about cloud application.

The Cloud is confusing

The fact is that, whenever any business or organization adopts the right cloud services, the outcome is more consistent and controlled. Cloud enables businesses to get rid of intricate processes like data integration and administration. This also gives a liability to them to focus completely on running their businesses and adding significance instead of managing setup, files and integration techniques.

Low data security

There is a major misconception regarding the security system provided by Cloud computing. Most companies and organizations have already stored their sensitive data in the cloud. Everything depends on how diligently you manage your network and the data assets. Whether you outsource your cloud services or use it in-house, it is critical to make safety and power a priority, because all internet-facing servers are under daily outbreak.

Switching to the cloud is time-consuming and expensive

Every new thing takes time to be implemented. Cloud-based services are planned to reduce complications. These are automated, malleable and created as per the user’s specific business requirements. Also, it reduces the work of IT staff and gives them the liberty to access a highly circulated platform without the hassle of handling difficult back-end set-ups. When we talk about the cost, kindly note that the money you would save by hosting in the cloud would drastically outweigh the costs of making the change.

There is only one type of cloud

The cloud is accessible in various forms such as Private, Public and Hybrid. You need to choose the environment that best suits your business requirements. For instance, if your cloud-based operations support large amounts of sensitive data of clients, you should opt for a private cloud. Also, it is better to keep in mind that clouds also differ in terms of service providers. Some users choose to preserve control more intensely into the operating stack than the other forms of cloud, so providers deploy an Open Stack-based cloud for such users. Each environment is exclusive and offers different service levels for performance, safety, uptime, and the amount of customization available.

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