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Microsoft: How the Cloud Conversation has Changed – and the edge on AWS

Now the companies are making an investment in understanding the needs of customers related to data center evolution. Most of the customers are saying that the data centers will not exist after a certain time and the reason is the cost. Others believe that the complexity of doing the job is increasing and therefore the innovations need to approach. This requires specialized knowledge to deliver the messages and manage the same. Enterprises may not have that much knowledge base and as a result, they are making strategies to outsource a range of services.

The researchers have come to a solution called Infrastructure as a service that is a cloud service allowing the businesses to take an advantage of pay-as-you-go infrastructure from a service provider like Techarex Networks.

It is a cost effective solution and highly attractive too. IaaS is among the three classes of cloud computing that provides a demand on service using a shared platform. Due to its qualities, recently Microsoft cloud platform has more regions to serve that are more than a combined figure of Google cloud and AWS. Also, the customers are now asking for how to embrace the platform instead of why should they move to cloud.

To tell you more and make your mind, here is a list of some other essential features or qualities of IaaS other than pricing:

Scalability and Flexibility
This is one of the benefits allowing scaling up in response to enterprise requirements. The providers have powerful storage, servers and networking technology to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, this enhances flexibility to bring the changes to grab up opportunities and requirements.

Major Support for Disaster Recovery
IaaS provides a disaster recovery plan while reducing cost and increasing manageability. While each enterprise has some kind of disaster recovery plan, the technologies behind those may be expensive. To overcome that IaaS is the best approach.

In this way, the cloud conversation has changed. By approaching for IaaS, you can reduce large capital expenditures related to data center and infrastructure.

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