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Hybrid Financing For Massive Hybrid Cloud: How It Brings Flexibility And Budget Relief

It’s by the virtue of Hybrid cloud pricing strategies only that global organizations are able to support on-premises as well as cloud-based work while staying relieved of capital expenses.

It’s very much possible to factor Cloud services into operating expenses. In case these cloud services feature an on-demand nature, you can save budget dollars easily by terminating the services at will.

Due to this, companies are deploying cloud services along with on-premises computing.
Now, suppose that this kind of hybrid cloud thinking could be extended into some hybrid cloud financing scheme that helps you do the following with ease.

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● Support on-premises and cloud-based work
● Enables you to move data & applications freely back and forth between on-premises & cloud-based
● Lets you make payment for it

hybrid cloud

Possibly, at first glance, it may seem quite impossible. From the view of financial standpoint, reserving capital for purchasing on-premises equipment and related software and making payment either by subscription or on per-use basis for Cloud seems very much mutually exclusive.

However, conversations are still going on between major IT vendors in regard to focusing on pricing strategies that allow customers to subscribe/pay-on-demand for the available resources.

All such resources can be made available in Cloud or on premises while eliminating the requirement to toggle between operating budgets and capital budgets.

The Working Explained

This model allows you to pay per-use or by means of subscription for on-premises system and the manner is the same like what is for its opponent Cloud solution. In fact, you rent the on-premises system but in case you later want to move your data & applications to Cloud, the same can be done without making any change in the way you are paying.

Conversely, if do not find cloud the ideal fit for hosting your application, you are free to move the application back to the on-premises platform, while continuing to follow the pay per-use or subscription approach to payment.
The various possibilities created by moving to hybrid cloud pricing indeed bring huge relief to CIOs who get the leverage to promote budgets while managing expenses more flexibly. It also has a unique transformative effect on IT and CIOs must plan for this effect. Various key points to consider in this regard are as follows.


A well-built IT infrastructure that allows shifting of data & applications to cloud, again back to on premises, and finally back again becomes a necessity. As per will, you can approach a qualified consultant for developing such architecture.
However, within a short time period, you need to transfer these skills to your internal staff so that you can manage your own environment independently.

Vendor selection

You need to find Cloud vendors who can –
● Be trusted for the long term
● Provide the different types of systems & solutions that are required for your business
● Provide Cloud and on-premises security & governance

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Resource expenditures

All major demands for the on-premises resources like reserving necessary databases for application development & testing can be done now in Cloud. The finished applications can be swiftly moved to production on either cloud-based platform or on-premises one.
Finally, it can be said that irrespective of where you place your applications and data, suitable deployment with hybrid cloud pricing will for sure be highly adaptable to the dynamic business circumstances.

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